Q: When should I drink Mojoco?

A: Mojoco being healthy and tasty drink for it’s nutritional values it can be enjoyed Anytime.
– Specially Before, During and After exercise.
– For charging your draining body batteries.
– As a mixer for your cocktails and mocktails.


Q : Is Mojoco Pasteurized?

A : Yes, pasteurization maintains it’s nutritional qualities and the fresh taste.


Q: Why is Potassium good for me?

A: Potassium not only stops and prevents muscle cramps it also helps you recover more quickly from exercise and the stresses of daily life.


Q: Is Mojoco good for kids?

A : Yes, Mojoco has low-calorie count combined with plenty of nutritional value this combination makes it much better for kids compared to aerated drinks available in the market.


Q: Does taste vary?

A: Yes, The Taste Of Coconut Water Varies Based On Sourcing Of Coconut And Agricultural Conditions.


Q: How long does Mojoco stay fresh?

A: We suggest that if you open Mojoco and do not finish drinking it, that you place it in a refrigerator and drink it within 24 hours.


Q: Is Mojoco Gluten-Free and Vegan Approved?

A: It’s a big yes to both: our coconut water is gluten-free and vegan-approved, as it does not contain any animal-derived or dairy products in its beverages.